Curated.Works: The Orange Dot Project – JSK

The Year 2 Orange Dot Project is finally coming to an end, and I hope you enjoy what you have seen so far! For this week, JSK crated this lovely illustration featuring his signature Susu girls!

I am in love with the composition of this piece. It’s so soft, symmetrical and really reflects the light, cheerful feeling of Beyoncé‘s XO song. Turning the orange dot into a watercolour splash is a brilliant idea, as it makes me feel like this site (which is represented by the orange dot here) is constantly evolving.

JSK-The-Orange-Dot-ProjectCourtesy of JSK

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Illustration.Files: Alexander McQueen F/W 2006 Fashion Illustration by Sunny Wong

in the past few days, at least 3 illustrators I know told me to take a look at Sunny Wong‘s Instagram account. Let me tell you, when I first went to her feed, I was completely blown away by her works! Here is one of my favourites!

Sunny-Wong-Alexaner-McQueen-Fall-2006Courtesy of Sunny Wong

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