Curated.Works: Gossip Girl Project by Lisa Nishimura

Gossip Girl is finally over and since I have been a loyal fan of this show for the entire 6 seasons, I know I am going to miss it. The end of this show also reminds me that I have once worked on an interesting project with Lisa Nishimura.

<<Belle Of The Ball>>
Serena worn Marchesa F/W 2011 Collection.
Blair worn Lucian Matis F/W 2011 Collection.

Back in 2011, we worked on a rather interesting illustration project. For the month of May, I asked her to illustrate 4 Gossip Girl scenes and both Serena van der Woodsen and Waldorf had to wear a few pieces designed by the Canadian designers. The result was pretty interesting as she paired up designers such as Lucian Matis and Marchesa in the same illustration.

Till this day, I think this is a very nice experimental project and maybe one day we will want to explore this idea again with another show (Revenge perhaps?).

You can click on each link to read more details about each piece.

<<Back To The Beginning>>
Serena worn Halston S/S 2011 Collection.
Blair worn OR by Angela Chen S/S 2011 Collection.

Serena worn Denis Gagnon S/S 2011 Collection.
Blair worn Alexander McQueen S/S 2011 Collection.

<<Fifth Avenue>>
Serena worn Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2011 Collection.
Blair wore Pink Tartan S/S 2011 Collection.
Courtesy of LIsa Nishimura

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