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If you have not followed my other site à la mode, you may not know I have multiple jobs. Since January 2011, I have been a contributor to Swide by Dolce & Gabbana online magazine. Throughout these 2 years I have been featuring a lot of talented illustrators and for those of you who have not seen my articles before, I would like to use this space to reintroduce some of them to you.


The first illustrator I am going to introduce to you is Helen Green. I have been following Lady Gaga’s career for quite some time now and I am sure a lot of you might have heard of her Little Monsters site. This site contains a lot of artworks from her fans and one particular artist has really caught my (or even Lady Gaga) attention. Her name is Helen Green.


Her illustrations on Gaga are very on point and she can capture the essence of the star flawlessly. Recently, she has become a member of Haus of Gaga and she is probably the only fan who has earned this title. Other than Gaga, she has done some illustration works on other celebrities and models as well. In my opinion, Helen Green is definitely a rising star and I cannot wait to see what her career path will be in the next 3 years.

Please click here to read the feature article written by me on Helen Green on Swide.

Courtesy of Helen Green

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