Illustration.Files: According To Them (East Meet West)

I have been following Sakiroo Choi’s for quite some time now and his humorous illustrations always put a smile on my face (The series he did on different fashion brands was funny). This time around, he has collaborated with Jean Paul Egred, an illustrator based in Columbia, to produce this amazing collaboration project.


This project features some of the best musician collaborations in the last few decades and it includes Freddy Mercury & David Bowie, Michael Jackson & Eddie Van Halen. I really like the composition and both illustrators have successfully captured the characteristic of each musician. In case you cannot identify which musician is illustrated by which illustrator, the bird nose musicians are by Jean Paul Egred and the others are by Sakiroo Choi. If you want to see the complete series, please click here.

I am little surprised Rihanna, Coldplay and Madonna are included in this series. Perhaps in the future?

MusicianCollaboration2 MusicianCollaboration3 MusicianCollaboration4Courtesy of Sakiroo Choi & Jean Paul Egred

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