Illustration.Files: YSL & Chanel by Lee Bo

Coco Chanel and Yves Saint-Laurent are two of the most iconic figures in the fashion industry and Lee Bo, an illustrator based in Korea, has created a mini series based on them.


I find these 2 illustrations to be very refreshing. Both of them have a very strong vintage oriental vibe and the pastel colour backgrounds make the illustrations very soft and warm. Also, Lee has included all the main elements of each brand such as the Chanel’s camellia flowers and the YSL’s suits in the illustrations. I would want to see her illustrations on Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior as I think they will be great additions to the series.

In the coming weeks, I will also show some other amazing illustrations by Lee Bo. Stay tuned.

Courtesy of Lee Bo

9 thoughts on “Illustration.Files: YSL & Chanel by Lee Bo”

  1. Hey heyyy, im new to WordPress and just discovered your blog!! im a huuuuuuuge fashion illustration fan and soooo so glad i found your blog!!! im always looking for new illustrators to inspire me, looks like your page is the place ive been searching for! Rachael Theresa xxx

    1. Hi Theresa,

      I am glad you like the site. Please continue to support this site as I will have more good things to show you in the near future. I will also keep an eye on your works! 🙂



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