Curated.Works: Fairytale – Magic of Couture – Little Mermaid

Here comes another Draw A Dot. WITH series!

As you may know, I am a huge fan of Alice Le‘s fairytale inspired fashion illustrations. Because of that, I have decided to collaborate with her on this Fairytale – Magic of Couture series. In these few months, Alice will be dressing up a few fairy tale characters in S/S 2013 Haute Couture collections. What so special about these images is that the characters will not look like the ones you see in the Disney world. Instead, they are created through Alice‘s vision.

For the first piece, Alice has paired Little Mermaid with Christian Dior S/S 2013 Haute Couture. The character clearly has the oriental facial features and I really like the “glitters” on her hair. The elegant dress looks good on her and the setting adds a very dreamy vibe to the entire illustration piece.

Alice-Le-Little-Mermaid-Christian-Dior-Haute-Couture-Spring-2013Little Mermaid in Christian Dior S/S 2013 Haute Coutre
Courtesy of Alice Le

Here are 2 questions I have asked Alice based on this illustration piece.

Why do you dress the Little Mermaid up in Christian Dior S/S 2013 Haute Couture?
Christian Dior‘s collection is abundant with flowers and embodies the spirit of spring. When you thinking of spring, you see images of blooming flowers and rebirth. I felt Dior’s theme fit well with The Little Mermaid because she embodies the hope and rebirth of spring. She hopes that she will be able to make the Prince love her as much as she loves him. She is “reborn” as a human after she gives up her voice, and again when she gives up her life for the Prince.

What do you think of the Christian Dior S/S 2013 Haute Couture collection? What are some of your favorite pieces?
I adored this collection because I love flowers and bright colors. My favorite pieces are the big floral dresses and the bright yellow gown. They’re so beautiful!

We will have another piece ready for you to see in April. Stay tuned.

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