Curated.Works: The Face Palette – Givenchy F/W 2013

Today is a very special day as I am releasing the first image of my 10th Draw A Dot. WITH project.

This time, I have invited Carolyn Weber to work on a project with me and as many of you know, her strength is the portrait illustration. In this coming few months, you are going to see some surreal portraits with some of our favourite F/W 2013 makeup looks. The first piece we want to show you is the look from Givenchy F/W 2013 runway show.

Carolyn-Weber-Givenchy-The-Face-Palette-Fall-2013Courtesy of Carolyn Weber

This is a sweet portrait as I like how Carolyn pairs this look with sweet treats such as macarons and strawberries. In my opinion, the hairstyle does remind me of these gourmet treats. As always, I am a fan of her realistic portrait and this one is no exception. Now, let’s read what Carolyn has to say about the inspiration behind this series and this piece.

“For each look I created a character based on what the styling reminds me of. I took that inspiration and placed them in a relating time period but with a modern take to play off the makeup that is in style now.

This look reminded me of 18th century France with the tight curls and neutral makeup. I was inspired by Sophia Coppola‘s ‘Marie Antoinette‘ which took the same idea but played up the fashion by using bright colors. This time period was full of lavish ornamentation so I wanted her to look luxurious and indulgent and what’s more indulgent than some sweet treats?

Keep an eye on this site as we will unveil the 2nd piece in October. Stay tuned!

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