Curated.Works: Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy – Spring 2012 & Fall 2010

If you are a fan of the Marc JacobsLouis Vuitton era, then you are going to love this new Draw A Dot. WITH series!

For this mini project, I have teamed up with Shamekh and we are going to revisit some of the most iconic Louis Vuitton runway shows from the Marc Jacobs‘ era. If you remember the Spring 2014 show, there were actually some famous “landmarks” from the previous shows, and we have decided to use them as the backdrop of this series.

For the first piece, we have combined the Fall 2010 and Spring 2012 collections together to create a surreal piece. I personally like this composition a lot because Shamekh has transformed the carousel into the fountain. The placements of the models have balanced out the art piece and their outfits have created a very interesting contrast (playful vs elegant).

Shamekh-Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2012-Fall-2010Courtesy of Shamekh

Now, let’s read what Shamekh has to say about this project and the inspiration behind this particular piece.

“The concept behind the “Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy ” idea, is the marriage of elements which inspire me. My favourite fashion era will always be the 50s so I felt it was important to begin this series with a look from the Fall 2010 collection highlighting its curvy and asymmetrical silhouettes, and of course its glamour. Paired with this is the beautiful candy and pastel hues from the Spring 2012 collection, a statement dress which embodies both fragility and strength in its contrasting fabrics.

It is my belief that contrast can often be combined to produce exceptional hybrids. Upon this illustration I discovered that a carousel and a fountain can architecturally be merged into one composition, creating endless boundaries.”

Stay tuned for part 2!

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