Illustration.Files: Moschino F/W 2014 Fashion Illustration by Meagan Morrison

Moschino, without a doubt, has pretty much been dominating the fashion illustration sector for the past few months. Today, I want to show you yet another amazing piece, in gif form!

Moschino Fall 2014Courtesy of Meagan Morrison

This illustration is created by Meagan Morrison and it is based on the candy wrap dress from the collection. I like the illustrated model a lot as the artist has not illustrated the entire figure to let your brain to fill in the blanks. Also, the city scene adds a metropolitan vibe to the piece and the yellow splashes give a nice pop art effect. Overall, this is a very solid and fun illustration.

Moschino has recently reposted this artwork on its instagram account, and this is a good indication that you need to have Meagan Morrison on your radar.


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