#TakeoverDrawADot – Mahyar Kalantari

In the last #TakeoverDrawADot, Shamekh nominated Mahyar Kalantari to be the next artist to takeover the Draw A Dot. Instagram account. Mahyar accepted the challenge and on September 27, he brought his amazing illustrations to the Draw a Dot. Instagram account.


Here are the 5 questions and answers:

Mahyar’s own self portrait Mahyar-Kalantari-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Self-Portrait

Mahyar’s own favourite piece on Saskia De BrauwMahyar-Kalantari-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Saskia-De-Brauw

Mahyar’s favourite piece of another artist: Florian MeacciMahyar-Kalantari-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Favourite-Artist

A never before seen illustration exclusively for Draw A Dot. Instagram: Prada S/S 2014Mahyar-Kalantari-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Prada-Spring-2014

Mahyar’s nomination:  Ben LiuMahyar-Kalantari-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-NominationImages Courtesy of Mahyar Kalantari (except Mahyar’s favourite piece of another artist, that one is by Florian Meacci)

If you want to read the detailed answer of each illustration, please follow Draw A Dot. instagram. Also, make sure you follow Mahyar instagram account to see more of his amazing works!

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