#TakeoverDrawADot – Ben Liu

Ben Liu was nominated by Mahyar Kalantari in the last “episode” of #TakeoverDrawADot on instagram. Ben accepted the challenge and on October 19th, he and his son BENDA took over the Draw A Dot. account and answered 5 questions with illustrations.


Here are the 5 questions and answers:

Ben’s own self portraitBen-Liu-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Self-Portrait

Ben’s own favourite illustration: Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013 fashion illustrationBen-Liu-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Own-Favourite-Illustration

Ben’s favourite illustrations of other artists: Florian Meacci and Roberto SánchezBen-Liu-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Favourite-Illustrations-Others

Designer Ben wants to meet the most: Alber ElbazBen-Liu-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Designer

Ben’s nomination: Roberto SánchezBen-Liu-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-NominationImages Courtesy of Ben Liu (except Ben’s favourite illustrations of other artists, those two are by Florian Meacci and Roberto Sánchez)

If you want to read the detailed answer of each illustration, please follow Draw A Dot. instagram. Also, make sure you follow Ben instagram account to see more of his amazing works!

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