Curated.Works: The Beckerman Sisters Illustrations Open Call

In November 2014, Draw A Dot. had its monthly illustration open call and the topic was on Cailli and Samantha Beckerman. We have received some amazing submissions and today, I am happy to show you my 7 favourites!


Aside from Draw A Dot., make sure you visit The Beckerman Blog to view the sisters’ favourites! Also, keep an eye on my Fusion of Effect blog partner, Stephen-Thoams’ instagram account as he will show his favourites as well! Thank you to all the illustrators who have submitted their illustrations to us!

If you have missed out this open call, don’t worry, a new one is now up, and you can see which collection is the topic of the month here! Good luck!

Velicia-Waymer-BeckermansVelicia Waymer

Francesco-Lo-Iancono-BeckermansFrancesco Lo Iacono

Rana-Beckerman-BeckermansRayna Beckerman

Gabriello-De-Surr-Beckermans Gabriello De Surr

Liadh Young

Pablo-Parra-BeckermansPablo Parra

Anastasia-Budarina-BeckermansAnastasia Budarina

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