Illustration.Files: Fashion Illustrations by Nuno Da Costa

I came across Nuno Da Costa‘s works on instagram recently, and am very much in love with his illustration style!

Nuno-Da-Costa-Louis-VuittonLouis Vuitton

Nuno‘s illustration style is very romantic, and shows the vulnerability of the illustrated models flawlessly. His works are very smooth, which are very easy on the eyes. I also like how realistic the facial features are on the models.

I am looking forward to seeing more works from him, and believe me, Nuno Da Costa will be a name you will hear a lot in the fashion illustration industry soon.

Nuno-Da-Costa-Givenchy-Fall-2014 Givenchy F/W 2014

Nuno-Da-Costa-Illustration-1 Original work

Nuno-Da-Costa-Stella-McCartney-Fall-2014 Stella McCartney F/W 2014

Nuno-Da-Costa-VOGUEVogue Cover 
Courtesy of Nuno Da Costa

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