Illustration.Files: Fashion Portraits by Seung Won Hong

Seung Won Hong is a fashion portrait artist who has been on my radar for some time now. Today, I would like to show you 3 of my favourite works from him.

Seung-Won-Hong-Thom-BrowneThom Browne

I like Seung‘s digital works a lot because his style is influenced by the impressionism paintings. The details are great and the artist is very good at capturing the essence of each fashion figure. Out of all of his works, the Thom Browne portrait has to be my favourite because of the composition and the colour palette.

Now I am thinking I should ask him to do a portrait of me. I just cannot get enough of his impressionism style!

Seung-Won-Hong-Nick-Wooster Nick Wooster

Courtesy of Seung Won Hong

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