Curated.Works: Transcendence of a Rose – Part 1

Back in February when Draw A Dot. hosted the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty illustration open call, I received a great submission from Maruka. Even though she didn’t make it to the top 9, I was very impressed by her illustration style so in this F/W season, I have decided to work on a Draw A Dot. WITH series with her.

For this mini series, we will be following the journey of a fairy and as a viewer, you will see 3 different brands involved. For the first part, we have all 3 fairies dressed in Alexander McQueen F/W 2015 collection.

Maruka‘s illustration style is unique because it has a retro anime vibe with a dark twist. In this illustration, the mood is very gloomy which truly reflects the aesthetic of the collection. I love the details on the rose dresses and the main fairy emits an elegant vibe.

Marian-Jimenez-Maruka-Alexander-McQueen-Fall-2015Courtesy of Maruka

Now let’s read what Maruka has to say about this first piece of the series.

“The fairies are depicted in gloom surrounded by a dim, ghostly atmosphere. It’s like the darkness has possessed them entirely. The main fairy, however, is moving forward- perhaps trying to find something new one day with a hopeful spirit. The mystery walks away with her as she is transitioning through the dark forest.”

Stay tuned as I will unveil the 2nd piece next month!

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