Curated.Works: Asian Couture Dreams – Yumi Katsura by Svetlana Makarova

It’s time to show you the 3rd pair of the Asian Couture Dreams series!

I have paired Svetlana Makarova with Yumi Katsura because I think both artists create whimsical works. In here, Svetlana has created a very elegant and classy illustration, which features one of the grand pieces from Yumi‘s collection. While the girl is very elegant, the guy reminds me of a member of the Japanese rock band. Overall, this piece truly reflects the aesthetic of the brand.

Yumi Katsura by Svetlana Makarova

Courtesy of Svetlana Makarova

Here are 2 questions I have for Svetlana.

What was the inspiration behind this illustration?
When I first saw the dress by Yumi Katsura, I thought of some mysterious fairy tale love affair. Then this image just flashed in my mind – the “Labyrinth” movie! The Goblin King seemed to be a perfect pair for my girl, who obviously has grown up and become more confident in herself. In my story, they finally fall in love.

How does your background influence your illustration style?
My mathematical education influences me to have the “technical” illustration style – very detailed and precise. Because what I draw is vector art, this style allows me to have more control of the shapes at any time, and I can make lines as perfect as I need. Since I was young, I am always interested in clothes and fashion to a point I even wanted to become a fashion designer. Now I can make fashion stories of my own, adding humor or some mystery to them.

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