Curated.Works: Now Playing – Part 1

It’s a new year, which also means it’s time to unveil my latest Draw A Dot. WITH project!

For this mini-series, I have invited Saradevi Ng to create 4 illustrations inspired by 2 S/S 2016 collections – Marc Jacobs & Moschino. Since one collection is inspired by movie theatre and the other one is about road constructions, we have decided to mesh them together and create a red carpet story.

I have been a fan of Saradevi‘s works since she submitted a piece to the Giambattista Valli S/S 2015 open call. Her illustration style has a strong Japanese anime vibe and this is why I think she will be the perfect fit for this project (both collections have a nice pop culture and comical vibe).

This first piece is the introduction of this series. Both girls are about to enter the theatre to attend the premiere of a movie. They are very well dressed and I love the “caution” tape as it makes this premiere extra special!

Saradevi-Ng-Marc-Jacobs-Moschino-Spring-2016Courtesy of Saradevi Ng

I have 2 questions for Saradevi so you can understand the piece more.

Why do you choose this 2 outfits for this illustration?
As this is the starting piece for the illustration series, I chose the 2 pieces that I feel most represent the overall feel of each brand’s S/S16 collection. This particular outfit from Marc Jacobs exudes glamour and stardom. The gold touches, sequins & lace instantly brings the world of celebrities to mind. For the Moschino outfit, the bold warning texts and neon colours is an embodiment of this season’s theme for construction. Both pieces compliment each other well but at the same time are distinct in design.

Based on this illustration, which movie premier do you think they are attending?
I would love the audience to have an open idea as to which movie is being premiered. This movie premiere however would be very exclusive as hinted by the warning tapes & barricades. Not everyone can enter this movie premiere but the illustration is drawn such that the audience looking at it would feel specially invited to this event. The rest would be up to them to imagine what movie would be shown behind the red curtains.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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