Curated.Works: Valentino F/W 2016 Countdown Fashion Illustrations Part 1

It was an intense 2 weeks in the Draw A Dot. community as many illustrators have submitted their works to the latest Valentino F/W 2016 Countdown Illustration Open Call! While we still have to wait to see who is the winner of this open call (it will announce soon on Valentino Instagram account), here are some of my favourites!

Ramona-Chantaf-ValentinoRamona Chantaf

There are so many cool submissions for this particular open call and I love every piece has unique illustration style. I have decided to divide this post into 2 parts and pick my top 50 favourites! Kudos to the illustrators who have created such creative and stunning illustrations for the countdown of the F/W 2016 runway show. I am curious to see if any of my favourite piece will be the winner of this contest!

Alexandra-Nea-ValentinoAlexandra Nea

Alina Grinpauka

Anita-Ronga-Valentino Anita Ronga

Anna-Bucciarelli-Valentino Anna Bucciarelli

Anna-Wijnands-ValentinoAnna Wijnands

Ayunda Kusuma-Valentino Ayunda Kusuma

Benjamin-Edward-ValentinoBenjamin Edward

Camille-Pfister-Valentino Camille Pfister

Carla-Han-Valentino Carla Han

Catalina-Flores-Valentino Catalina Flores

Decue-Wu-ValentinoDecue Wu

Derya-Cakirsoy-Valentino Derya Çakırsoy

Domenico-Tortora-ValentinoDomenico Tortora

Georgina-Chavez-Valentino Georgina Chavez

Gerardo-Larrea-ValentinoGerardo Larrea

Guliya-Baykieva-valentino Guliya Baykieva

Katarina-Kuhl-Valentino Katarina Kühl

maruka_val_webv Maruka

Melany-Altuna-Valentino Melany Altuna

Da Vinci copy black Michele Monte

Oksana-Bilyk-Valentino Oksana Bilyk

Roberto-Sanchez-Valentino Roberto Sánchez

Saradevi-Ng-ValentinoSaradevi Ng

Diana Sultanova

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