Curated.Works: Valentino F/W 2016 Countdown Fashion Illustrations Part 2

You have seen part 1 of my top 50 submissions and now is time to show you the remaining 25!

Pippa-McManus-ValentinoPippa McManus

This open call is very competitive and I can’t even decide which one is my ultimate favourite. Everyone has used his/her illustration style to show the different side of Valentino.

Good job everyone and hope to see your submission for the other open call! Make sure you follow #DrawADotValentino on Instagram to see all the submissions!

Make sure you are on tomorrow at 2:30pm CET to watch the show!

Fabiana-Rivas-Valentino Fabiana Rivas

Feliciana Natali

Felipe-Augusto-Adati-ValentinoFelipe Augusto Adati

Gretchen Ellen Powers

Holly-Acland-Valentino Holly Acland

Irena-Jadelo-Katarske-Valentino Irena Jadelo-Katarskė

Issa-Grimm-Valentino Issa Grimm

Jonathan Howard

Koanne-Ko-Valentino Koanne Ko

Kristine-Steiner-Valentino Kristine Steiner

Lara-Wolf-Valentino Lara Wolf

Mandita-Raluca-Valentino Mandita Raluca

Maria-Solias-Valentino Maria Solias

Minjee-Kang-Valentino Minjee Kang

Nadia-Petrushina-Valentino Nadia Petrushina

Pola-Novak-ValentinoPola Novak

Rosalba-Cafforio-Valentino Rosalba Cafforio 

Sara-Vera-Valentino Sara Vera

Sew-Sketchy-Valentino Sew Sketchy

Sinn-Wen-Valentino Shinn Wen

Stephanie-McKay-Valentino Stephanie McKay

Studio-Fantasma-Valentino Studio Fantasma

Valeria-Gladountchik-Valentino Valeria Gladountchik

Yola-Blackenthere-ValentionoYola Blackenthere

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