#IllustratorPOV: Roberto Sánchez

Today Draw A Dot. starts a new section featuring a set of questions answered by our beloved illustrators for you to get a better sense of their point of view! Our first guest is Roberto Sánchez.

Gucci FW 2016 Illustration – Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

Also known as ROBSO, Roberto is a graphic designer and illustrator from Guadalajara, Mexico. His illustrations show a delightful contrast between sharp geometric shapes and organic textures, and have graced the pages of numerous magazines like PRODUCT Magazine, La Cigarra, Glamour Mexico and Vulcan Magazine. His graphic design talent has also been featured in photographic interventions for HORMA Magazine, Reflex Homme and Spanish Nylon. Featured on Dolce and Gabbana Swide Magazine and a constant participant of our own open calls, one of his latest projects was an amazing collaboration with Draw A Dot.’s Rebelious Squad, taking the project to a whole new level by dressing the squad members in the latest collections, creating outstanding fashion illustration pieces.

I see his work as anatomical exploration and a study of space and form. His ability to translate the human body and the clothing -an extension of the body- to shapes, curves and vectors, and still manage to convey life and dynamism in a single frame is remarkable. Let’s see that he had to say about his work and life as an illustrator.

Vetements FW 2016 Illustration - Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez
Vetements FW 2016 Illustration – Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

How did you started as an illustrator?
I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. But it was until a few years ago that I started to get more interested in illustration and fashion. The idea of becoming an illustrator came naturally, I was fascinated by the idea of reinterpreting ideas, designs and messages. So I started to study fashion illustration on my own, based on observation and trying to develop a style. I kind of documented that process with my blog, looking back at it motivates me to continue growing.

How would you describe your illustration style?
I think of it as an experimentation of the human shapes and clothes with a geometric/ expressive approach.

Sibling FW 2016 - Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez
Sibling FW 2016 Illustration – Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

Name 3 fashion creators that move or inspire you (designers, photographers, fashion personalities, other illustrators, you decide!)
Tim Walker
, his vision is absolutely amazing, the way he creates stories and narratives is inspiring.

Raf Simons, in my opinion he is a true visionary with a great sensibility. One of the things I admire the most about him is that he doesn’t compromise his creative approach.

René Gruau, he’s redefined fashion illustration completely with his aesthetic. I’m amazed of how contemporary his work looks today.

Your previous work shows very anatomical handmade, almost comic art sketches. How did you evolve from that to your current style?
It was my starting point, I pushed myself to draw in a stylized way, always observing anatomy. Working that way I learned to keep compositions as dynamic as possible, but I felt I was missing a defining style, something that represented me and the things I like. After a lot of practice, I sort of found a creative path based on my own ‘creative voice’ and continued on that style ever since.

How do you manage to convey so much texture and movement from blocks of color and vectors?
I think that’s one of the main challenges. Before I start an illustration I look at the clothes and try to reinterpret them on my mind. I think about the feel, the pose and what the character will express. Otherwise, my illustrations would just be a bunch of random shapes in a composition. I think a key thing is that I analyze clothes and try to represent them graphically in a way that it resembles the original piece, and proposes something creative at the same time.

Delpozo FW 2016 Illustration - Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez
Delpozo FW 2016 Illustration – Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

What are some of the obstacles you face as an illustrator?
Time. Sometimes I have so many ideas and so little time that it’s frustrating. But I think it’s a matter of finding balance, which eventually comes. Overall I think that, as in any other profession, being an illustrator has it’s own obstacles like learning how to make a business out of it, or learning how to get your work out there. In the end it’s all part of the journey.

What’s your dream as an illustrator?
I would love to make a living out of it, not only financially, but creatively. I enjoy working on illustration a lot, so to continue working on different kind of illustration projects, and collaborating with people I admire would be the most rewarding thing.

You were previously featured on Dolce & Gabbana Swide Online Magazine. How did this feature affect your illustration career?
That experience meant a lot to me, it made me strive to do better every time. As an illustrator, it makes you feel supported and motivated. It’s great to know that there’s a real interest in what you can share, and that anything’s possible if you’re passionate.

Sibling FW 2016 Illustration - Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez
Sibling FW 2016 Illustration – Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

Fast 5!

We ask our illustrators 5 quick questions to answer with the first thing that comes to mind! 

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

Favorite season: Spring – Summer or Fall – Winter?
Fall- Winter

What’s your favorite music to listen while you do your work?

Name your favorite animated movie or character.
Howl’s Moving Castle

What are your 3 favorite artists of all time?
Remedios Varo, Egon Schiele, Alexander Calder

Undercover FW 2016 Illustration - Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez
Undercover FW 2016 Illustration – Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez
We want to thank Roberto for his time and for sharing his POV with us! To see more of his work and enter the ROBSO universe, you can visit his social media and portfolio links:
Website: robsoart.blogspot.com
Instagram: @robsoart
Behance: Behance.net/robsoart

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