Curated.Works: Now Playing – Part 3

Here comes part 3 of my collaboration with Saradevi Ng!

Looks like the girls are ready for the main event of the night – the movie! The Marc Jacobs and the Moschino outfits look amazing on them! I also love they are carrying the movie snacks as this gesture suggests the “fashion people don’t eat” theory to be wrong. I hope they enjoy the movie and can’t wait to read their reviews!

Saradevi-Ng-Marc-Jacobs-Moschino-Spring-2016-2Courtesy of Saradevi Ng

Here are the 2 questions I have for Saradevi:

Why do you think these 2 outfits are perfect for main event of the premiere?
As it is the main movie event, I chose outfits with colours that coordinate well with movie theme. The Marc Jacobs outfit here is very theatre inspired thus I feel that the cinema setting would be most suitable. The Moschino outfit shows a different side to the collection as this piece is car wash inspired while the previously illustrated outfits were construction inspired. Both outfits share similar colour themes but contrast each other with their differing silhouettes. The Moschino dress flows gracefully while the Marc Jacobs outfit is sharp. The movie settings really help bring out the outfits while maintaining an overall sense of harmony.

What are some of the movie snacks these fashion girls love to eat when watching movies?
What better way to enjoy your movie than with a classic popcorn and drink set. The fashion girls enjoy good fashion and a good movie experience. Part of the good movie experience is the snack anyone can relate to: Popcorn. The girls are definitely enjoying their time while looking and feeling great.

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