Curated.Works: Farewell Hedi! A Tribute to Hedi Slimane’s YSL Era Part 2

On Tuesday I showed you the first part of the special farewell Hedi illustration project and I hope you enoyed the first 8 illustrations. Today, it’s time to show you the 2nd part featuring 7 talented artists.


Before that, I do want to take a moment to share my thoughts on Hedi Slimane’s YSL era.

I was on the fence when Hedi was announced as the creative director of the brand. Since Hedi is known for his rock and roll aesthetic, I could not image how he could inject this element to such an elegant brand. Everything changed when I saw the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The one shoulder lips print sequin top was such a memorable piece because it was elegant, classy and had the rock and roll edge. Since then, YSL was once again on my radar. Without a doubt, Hedi has written such an interesting chapter for YSL and I am curious to find out what the future holds for both the brand and the designer.

Now let’s get back to the illustrations!

Studio Fantasma


“Our idea about Hedi‘s YSL is about the sense of confusion. This is a positive way to discard the rules. We like his humor and the ability to mix and match colors, textures, materials in a peculiar way, not always logical, and the ironic way to show women’s body. The result is always new, but full of citations. We decided to use the S/S 2015 collection for this illustration, because it reminds us the world of Rock, the concerts. Joie de vivre is what young people need to feel!”



“For his final show before the departure, Hedi bid his farewell with
a collection that channeled the 1980s era. That’s where I got inspired
by the then-popular Pac-Man game, and incorporated it into my vision
of Saint Laurent‘s Fall 2016 collection. My interpretation is a
re-imagined version of Pac-Man, where the Saint Laurent looks are
safe, as a manifestation of Hedi Slimane‘s impact on the brand. Always
fondly remembered; Saint Laurent will kick off again from where Hedi
Slimane has left it.”

Francesco Lo Iacono


“I was very excited when YSL announced Hedi Slimane was the creative director in 2012. His work for YSL was everything I was waiting for. Personally I am very attracted to his aesthetic and I’ve been a fan of his photographic work as well. Each of his campaign for Saint Laurent was iconic, I was just amazed when flipping through a fashion magazine to find out a new Hedi Slimane‘s ad for Saint Laurent. And of course I love the clothes as well. Each single collection was a success during his stay at YSL. In my opinion he was the perfect successor to Yves Saint Laurent because they both share a very creative and personal vision – both are rebels and geniuses”



YSL has always been associated to glamour and posh. Decade after decade it’s been all about mature elegance. So it was a very brave move for Slimane to reinvent the brand’s DNA. Slimane made the YSL heritage louder, younger and sometimes rebellious. Having been criticized and praised, Hedi Slimane has written a bright and memorable page in the House’s book, bearing lots of resemblance to Yves Saint Laurent. They both were avid experimenters.”

Svetlana Makarova


“I think YSL with Hedi was an era of a young rocking rebel: free and always ready to rock this world!”

George V. Antoniou


Hedi Slimane’s last collection was truly the most inspiring! It took YSL back to the world of Helmut Newton – crazy power women in Paris. I am completely obsessed and love it!”

Magdalena Kruszynska


“Starting from changing the iconic brand’s name from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris, Hedi Slimane dared to make an impressive makeover of the brand identity of Yves Saint Laurent – and this move shook up the fashion world. He managed to design clothes everyone wanted to wear, in a modern grunge-retro-disco style, showing a spirit of the times we are living in and he gained the love of customers together with the sky-high sales. Good luck to his next move!”

Hedi, thanks for everything! We salute you!

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