Curated.Works: Tasting Haute Couture – Schiaparelli S/S 2016 Haute Couture

It’s food time with Liz Joy and I am so excited to introduce you this delicious dish!


This time, Liz created the Vegan blueberry mini pies with cinnamon cookie crusts that are inspired by an outfit from the Schiaparelli S/S 2016 Haute Couture collection. I love blueberries so this is definitely something I would want to make in my spare time! I can already sense these mini pies will be the crowd pleaser at a party. They look so yummy and stylish!


Let’s now read what Liz has to say about these delicious pies!

How did this outfit inspire you to make this dish?
I love the quirky sweetness of this look. When I saw the jacket come down the runway, the subtle pattern had me immediately thinking of a pie crust with pretty toppings. And the soft blue of the dress reminded me of sugared blueberries. I wanted to add in an additional unexpected touch, and decided to go with a supremely delicious cinnamon cookie pie crust (making these mini pies one of my very favorite recent recipes).

Schiaparelli-Spring-Haute-Couture-2016-2Courtesy of Liz Joy

What other pieces in this collection caught your eyes? Which piece would you want to wear the most?
All of the food-inspired textiles in this collection definitely put a smile on my face. If I had to choose an additional favorite look, though (and one I’d eagerly wear), it would have to be this frilly, layered confection of a dress. I adore all the tone-on-tone texture and feminine charm. I’m actually thinking of creating a second Schiaparelli-inspired dish based on this look – just waiting for peach/apricot season to get into full swing =)…

Schiaparelli-Spring-Haute-Couture-2016-4Courtesy of Vogue

Make sure you head over to Inspired to Taste to get the recipe of this delicious dish! Next month, we will conclude this delicious series and can you guess which brand is going to inspire Liz? Stay tuned!

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