Curated.Works: Now Playing – Part 4

The Now Playing series is coming to an end and today, I am presenting you the final illustration created by Saradevi Ng for this mini project.

In here, the girls are at the premiere after party enjoying some good music, drinks and snacks. I like the composition of this piece because it really shows the girls are having a good time and the outfits really suit the occasion. After looking at this illustration, I am so curious to know which movie they actually watched because I want to watch it too!

Saradevi-Ng-Marc-Jacobs-Moschino-Spring-2016-4Courtesy of Saradevi Ng

Here are my final 2 questions for Saradevi regarding this project.

I assume both girls are at the after party in this piece, why do you think these 2 outfits are perfect for this occasion?
The after party is a social and relaxed event. So for such an atmosphere, the outfits I chose for the girls would be both chic and casual. The Moschino outfit is simple and bold with graphic prints. The accompanying red headphones suits the lively atmosphere of the after party. The Marc Jacobs outfit contrasts with a more glittering look but is not too overpowering in the illustration. There is a good balance of a glamorous and casual feel in this outfit making it great for a fun after party.

Now that the project is complete, were there any big challenges while creating these illustrations?
When creating an illustration series, the start is normally the most challenging. The first illustration is the most vital as it sets the overall feel for the series. This is when I would be experimenting quite a bit to get that satisfying look i can emulate for the following pieces.

This project also features 2 different collections from 2 different designers. Both collections are also very different theme wise. This is also another challenge as I have to balance and harmonise both collections through illustration. I like to thank Marcus because he has helped me to visualise how I can merge both themes together and even enhance the overall feel. It is really great to have his help and opportunity given that I am able to create such a wonderful illustration series. Thank you Marcus!

Thank you so much to Saradevi for working on this fun project with me. I hope you enjoy the whole series!

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