Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch F/W 2016 Haute Couture by Elena Ciuprina

The F/W 2016 Haute Couture week was wrapped up yesterday and I am pretty sure a lot of you have been working on some illustrations based on some of the collections. For this season, I have teamed up with Elena Ciuprina to bring you the following series!

Viktor & Rolf

Instead of illustrating every collection, we have narrowed down to two – Viktor & Rolf and Giambattista Valli. Both collections have a lot of great elements for illustrators to draw and I am very impressed by Elena‘s skills. She has successfully captured the essence of the collections and I can feel the movement of gowns because of the raw brush strokes. Overall, it is a very beautiful and lively series.

On another note, what are your favourite Haute Couture collections this season?

Giambattista Valli

Elena-Ciuprina-Giambatista-Valli-Haute-Couture-Fall-1 Elena-Ciuprina-Giambatista-Valli-Haute-Couture-Fall-2 Elena-Ciuprina-Giambatista-Valli-Haute-Couture-Fall-3 Elena-Ciuprina-Giambatista-Valli-Haute-Couture-Fall-4

Viktor & Rolf

Elena-Ciuprina-Victor-and-Rolf-Haute-Couture-1 Elena-Ciuprina-Victor-and-Rolf-Haute-Couture-2 Elena-Ciuprina-Victor-and-Rolf-Haute-Couture-3 Elena-Ciuprina-Victor-and-Rolf-Haute-Couture-5Courtesy of Elena Ciuprina

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