Illustration.Files: Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Illustration by Derya Çakırsoy

I am always attracted to the Gucci illustrations created by Derya Çakırsoy and here is her latest piece.

Derya-Cakirsoy-Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016Courtesy of Derya Çakırsoy

This piece is based on a look from the Pre-Fall 2016 collection. I love the composition and it is very interesting to see only the animals are highlighted with the colour red. This piece really brings out the whimsical and mysterious vibe of the Alessandro Michele‘s Gucci era. I am also very curious to know what’s the meaning behind the 2 heads. Does that represent the character is a Gemini or the one with horns and wings is his inner self. I hope Derya will be able to give us an answer.

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