Illustration.Files: Gucci Resort 2017 Fashion Illustration by Astrid Vos

Few days ago I was talking to my friend who also works in this industry and she told me one of her favourite illustrators right now is Astrid Vos. I have to agree with her because Astrid‘s illustration style looks so effortless but it captures the essence of the brand. Here is one of my recent favourites!

Astrid-Vos-Gucci-Resort-2017Courtesy of Astrid Vos

This illustration is inspired by the Gucci Resort 2017 collection. The girl in this piece has a nice 70s retro vibe and I love the strokes a lot. Even though there are not a lot of details in this piece, but you can still imagine how this outfit looks like in real life with the thin blue strokes. Overall, I like this piece a lot and I am hoping there are more great works from Astrid for me to see soon!

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