Curated.Works: The Orange Dot Project – Studio Fantasma

The third illustrator I invited to be part of this year’s Orange Dot Project is Studio Fantasma! I have been a fan of this group’s works for a very long time so it is such an honor to have them to be part of it!

studio-fantasma-orange-dot-2017Courtesy of Studio Fantasma

A lot of times when I look at Studio Fantasma‘s works I think of lively parties and they always give off a very happy vibe. This illustration is no exception and I like the concept behind it a lot. When I look at this illustration, I imagine the guests are the readers and also illustrators in this community and they are enjoying their time at this special party.

Now let’s read what Studio Fantasma has to say about this piece and to Draw A Dot.!

“we worked on the idea of music, as you asked, so we imagined the community of Draw A Dot. celebrating the anniversary with a beautiful, fashionable party. The soundtrack is a compilation of songs chosen by you and by all the people that give a contribution to the project. It could be a nice idea… And funny, isn’t it?

We have been part of this wonderful community since the website first launched. and there are full of creative people. Even though we have never met in person, it’s nice to see that we have found a lot of friends. Moreover, looking at each other works, we think we have learned a lot… We hope this project keep on growing in the same lively way, as it happened till now. Thank you to everybody, and a special thanks to Marcus for having the vision of this beautiful thing four years ago. All the best!”

Stay tuned to see who is the last person this year to be part of this wonderful project!

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