Curated.Works: The Orange Dot Project – Juan Cruz Prats

Today marks the end of the 4th Anniversary Orange Dot project and I am so glad to have Juan Cruz Prats to be onboard for this series as I have been a huge fan of his works for years!

I like this piece a lot because I can totally relate to the characters. Music is an essential in my everyday life as it inspires me with ideas and keeps me moving forward. Unlike other illustrations I have featured on this site, these 2 characters wear simple clothes. I like this idea because fashion to me is a fantasy and in real life, we are not always dressing like what the models wear on the runway.

Juan-Cruz-Prats-Draw-A-DotCourtesy of Juan Cruz Prats

Let’s read what Juan has to say about this piece.

“The inspiration for the piece was music and fashion. I wanted a sexy, young, fun feel to the piece, while conveying the idea of a connection through the music.

I am grateful to Draw A Dot for giving me the opportunity of taking part in this anniversary series and for the exposure it has given me over these four years! Congratulations on all the hard work and your endless effort to promote the work of countless artists!!”

Thanks to all 4 illustrators who take part in this wonderful project this year! We will continue this event next year!

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