Established in 2015, Draw A Dot has been a catalyst for the fusion of art and fashion, under the visionary leadership of Marcus. What started as a passion project and a platform for fashion illustrators has transformed into an agency representing artists in Canada and working closely with artists around the world. 

In 2023, Marcus expanded his vision, sourcing a network of artists for brand activations across North America and Europe. Our eclectic group includes not only fashion illustrators but also calligraphers, paper artists, crochet artists, bag/bottle painting, florist, gift wrappers and more, ensuring a diverse range of creative expressions. Our artists are renowned for their exceptional skills that make them a hit at any event and create a memorable in-person experience for your customers and guests. 

Join us in the artistic journey and collaborate with our talented pool of artists who have worked with clients such as Prada, Alexander McQueen, Lamborghini, Nordstrom, Balenciaga, Burberry Dior, American Express and more. 

Contact and/or to explore artistic possibilities in North America and Europe.

We look forward to creating something extraordinary with you!

Below are some of the artists we represent in North America.

Beckie Di Leo
Illustrator, Toronto
Chris Nevin
Illustrator, Toronto
Glenn Sandoval
Illustrator, US
Lisa Nishimura
Designer + Illustrator, Toronto
Michael Hak
Illustrator, Toronto
MelEesa Lorett
Illustrator, US
Valery Danilov
Calligrapher, Toronto
Soyoon Park
Illustrator, Korea

Some sample works from the artists we have worked with in the United States.

Some sample works from the artists in Europe.