Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch S/S 2017 Milan by Gerardo Larrea

For this Milan S/S 2017 season, I have invited Gerardo Larrea to take part of the Draw A Dot. semi-annual fashion week project. Here is the first part.


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#IllustratorPOV: Samuel Harrison

Samuel Harrison is a British young artist and illustrator based in London. His fashion illustrations are filled with mystery and tension, exploring the body and gestures of a deadly, alluring woman and covering her with runway creations that with her enigmatic energy fills his images with attitude and sophistication. His characters, usually drawn with pencil, exude a dark and sensual energy achieved with his unique trace and the way he plays with shadows and light, which creates a metallic, ghostly effect on their skin. Their eyes, a signature element of Samuel’s drawings, seem to shed light, paralyzed in a sort of ecstatic state. This is confronted to splashes of color, made with watercolor and wet media to accentuate the clothes, creating an interesting juxtaposition of the darkness and light, monochrome and color.

Jean Paul Gualtier F_W16 CoutureArmani Prive Spring Summer 2016 Illustration by Samuel Harrison

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Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch F/W 2016 Haute Couture by Elena Ciuprina

The F/W 2016 Haute Couture week was wrapped up yesterday and I am pretty sure a lot of you have been working on some illustrations based on some of the collections. For this season, I have teamed up with Elena Ciuprina to bring you the following series!

Viktor & Rolf

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#IllustratorPOV: Connie Lim

Connie Lim is a fashion illustrator from Los Angeles, California, and is currently based in London. Her beautiful drawings showcase a mixture of delicacy and strength, as well as feminine and provocative vibe. Her respect for the anatomical proportions and the way she captures facial features are mesmerizing, topping beautifully drawn figures with stunning clothes. She truly knows the power that illustration has for evoking the essence of fashion.

Mucha by Connie Lim

Interpretation of Alfons Mucha by Connie Lim

Lim’s creations are often made in pencil topped with wet media, such as watercolors and gouaches, to create current, sophisticated images. Fashion giants like Guerlain, Revlon New York,  Bulgari and Showstudio have collaborated with this talented individual. Her accuracy relies on her appreciation for gesture and the human form, and of course on a brilliant rendition of texture that brings the clothes on her beautiful models to life.  I see her work as classically crafted with a contemporary edge, very expressive and elegant. To me it shows the relationship between body and the clothes, and the gesture and the mood.

Devoted to her art, Connie Lim is also passionate about passing her knowledge to others, venturing herself into a new chapter that has brought her to teaching and mentoring young talents. Let’s see what this dedicated artist has to say about her work and life as an illustrator.

Ashish by Connie Lim

Ashish Fall 2015 Illustration by Connie Lim

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