Curated.Works: The Gucci New Gang – F/W 2015

Ever since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of Gucci, his collections have become one of the favourite subjects in the fashion illustration world. The clothes are more whimsical and full of great details. For this project, I invite Camille Pfister to illustration all of Alessandro‘s collections he has created so far.

First up, we have the F/W 2015 collection. The girls are dressed in some of the iconic pieces from the season, and for the first time ever, Camille has introduced a male character in this piece. I love the composition and once again, I am so curious to know what’s the conversation is about. It seems like the girl on the right is not impressed with the rest of the gang.

Camille-Pfister-Gucci-Fall-2015Courtesy of Camille Pfister

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#TakeoverDrawADot – Ben Liu

Ben Liu was nominated by Mahyar Kalantari in the last “episode” of #TakeoverDrawADot on instagram. Ben accepted the challenge and on October 19th, he and his son BENDA took over the Draw A Dot. account and answered 5 questions with illustrations.


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#TakeoverDrawADot – Mahyar Kalantari

In the last #TakeoverDrawADot, Shamekh nominated Mahyar Kalantari to be the next artist to takeover the Draw A Dot. Instagram account. Mahyar accepted the challenge and on September 27, he brought his amazing illustrations to the Draw a Dot. Instagram account.


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