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I launched the Draw A Dot. Instagram account at the end of August 2014, and it has been gaining a lot of buzz. Aside from the #TakeoverDrawADot original series, I also did a Moschino S/S 2015 Illustrations open call in late September 2014 and showcased 9 of my favourites. In the end, one of the pieces was picked up by Moschino and it is now included on the brand’s Instagram account!

The purpose of Draw A. Dot. is to promote illustrators. With that in mind, I will continue the open call series and plan to  have at least one per month. The open call for September is as follows:

Mary Katrantzou S/S 2018 Illustraiton Instagram Open Call

What you need to do:

Mary Katrantzou S/S 2018 collection is full of childhood memories and has a lot of great whimsical pieces! One of the inspirations I can provide to you is to put this collection in a fairytale setting. Please be creative as possible! Runway illustration is good, but it will be more attractive if you can add something unique and special to your submission. 

1) Please prepare an illustration (only 1) in .jpg or .png form. The file should be no more than 5MB (If you insist it has to be more than 5MB, please use Dropbox or WeTransfer and send me the link). You can only submit one illustration. (If your illustration is hand drawn, please SCAN it)
2) Send the illustration to marcus@fusionofeffects.com
3) Tell me your name, and website (if you have one, that’s for blog post purpose)
4) Tell me your Instagram account so I can tag you. Optional if you have twitter account as well.
5) Make sure you follow Draw A Dot. (@DrawADot)
6) You will get a confirmation from me within 48 hours.

Note: The illustration you submit must not be previously liked by the company’s instagram account. The purpose of this open call is to help illustrators to show their works to the designers and fashion houses.

Deadline and Publication Date:
Deadline is February 4rh 2018 11:59pm EST. Late submissions will not be accepted.

The top 9 illustrations will be released on the Draw A Dot. Instagram account on February 8th, 9th and 10nh 2018 (3 illustrations per day). Each of the selected illustrations will also get an individual post on the Draw A Dot. website

– In order to create a large impact on social media, resulting in more exposure for you, please wait and release your final illustrations together on February 8th,2018, and not before. By releasing/posting them all on the same day we increase our chances of taking it viral. All posts should be tagged #DrawADotMaryKatrantzou.

– You are of course encouraged to show your work in progress teaser images on social media platforms before February 8th,2018 to help building the hype. All work in progress images should also be tagged #DrawADotMaryKatrantzou.

– By entering this open call, you agree to let Draw A Dot. to post your submission on their social media platforms.


You can visit Draw A Dot. Facebook Page to see the submissions from past open calls.

11-2014: Alexander Wang x H&M Fashion Illustration Open Call
01-2015: Givenchy S/S 2015 Fashion Illustration Open Call
02-2015: Thom Browne S/S 2015 Fashion Illustration Open Call
03-2015: Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Fashion Illustration Open Call
04-2015: Valentino MIME Bag Fashion Illustration Open Call
05-2015: Giambattista Valli S/S 2015 RTW Fashion Illustration Open Call
06-2015: Lanvin F/W 2015 Fashion Illustration Open Call
08-2015: Viktor & Rolf Flowebomb 10th Anniversary Illustration Open Call
09-2015: Delpozo F/W 2015 Fashion Illustration Open Call
11-2015: Marc Jacobs F/W 2015 Fashion Illustration Open Call
01-2016: Simone Rocha S/S 2016 Fashion Illustration Open Call
02-2016: Valentino F/W 2016 Countdown Illustration Open Call (Part 1 & 2)
Chanel S/S 2016 Haute Couture Fashion Illustration Open Call
04-2016: Prada S/S 2016 Fashion Illustration Open Call
05-2016: Christopher Kane S/S 2016 Fashion Illustration Open Call
07-2016: Balmain Pre-Fall 2016 Fashion Illustration Open Call
08-2016: Iris van Herpen F/W 2016 Haute Couture Fashion Illustration Open Call
09-2016: Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2016 Fashion Illustration Open Call
11-2016: Burberry F/W 2016 Fashion Illustration Open Call
12-2016: Draw Fashion Now Fashion Illustration Open Call
01-2017: Dior S/S 2017 Fashion Illustration Open Call
03-2017: Maison Margiela S/S 2017 Haute Couture Fashion Illustration Open Call
04-2017: Comme des Garçons Fashion Illustration Open Call
06-2017: Miu Miu S/S 2017 Fashion Illustration Open Call
08-2017: Schiaparelli F/W 2017 Haute Couture Fashion Illustration Open Call
09-2017: YSL F/W 2017 Fashion Illustration Open Call
11-2017: Calvin Klein F/W 2017 Fashion Illustration Open Call

28 thoughts on “Draw A Dot. Instagram Open Call”

  1. Hi! when is the next open call going to be announced? I am just about to finish exams so i couldnt participate on this one 🙁 so sad coz Valentino is one of my favorites

  2. Hi i have a question, i posted a illustrstion in progress before it was finished and the marcjacobs account liked it on istagram, but i didnt post the final work, can i run with it or i have to do a new one?!

  3. Hi! Just wondering, can the one illustration involve several models standing next to each other? Or must we only submit one model/outfit sketch? Thanks!

  4. Hi Marcus – Can we illustrate any look from the their 2016/17 FW collection or are you just looking for the runway collection?

    There are also some beautiful fairy tale inspired looks on their site but not in the runway show.

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