Draw A Dot. x Weloooooveit Contest: Italian Divas

Illustrators, here is a one of a kind contest you do not want to miss, and it involves a cash prize!

Italian Divas Draw A Dot. is teaming up with weloooooveit for a one of a kind illustration contest. You are going to illustrate a postcard consists of one of the four famous women in Italy and the backdrop will be one of the four locations of Salsomaggiore. The illustration can be realistic, abstract, or even surreal, but it has to somewhat related to the Art Deco or Art Nouveaux era. You are also more than welcome to give a modern take on these women’s fashion. The size of the postcard will be 6’’ x 4’’ or 4’’ by 6’’.

The following mini passage will give you an idea of the city and the divas.

There was a golden time in which art invaded real life, creating from anew fashion and design, which invariably leads to gossip and exclusive parties. It was the time of “La belle epoque”.

That was also the era of the Diva, a beautiful and unforgettable kind of woman considered to lead an extreme life, someone who could leave you breathless and who could charm everyone around her with her unique and glamorous style.

Few cities in the world could sum up the roaring spirit of the belle époque like Salsomaggiore Terme (Italy). Salsomaggiore was the place to be for the European jet set. Here you could encounter intellectuals, artists, noblemen, industrialists and of course their stunning wives, lovers and muses. During this time the city flourished and became a true Art Nouveau masterpiece.

Franca Florio
Marchesa Casati
Eleonora Duse
Regina Margherita

Terme Berzieri
Taverna Rossa
Viale Romagnosi
Regina Margherita Park

This contest is open to artists around the world.

1. € 200 (approximately $265 US) cash prize (you must have paypal)
2. Your wining piece will be used as a postcard image for the city of Salsomaggiore. You will also receive 50 postcards.

Every Monday, Draw A Dot will have a post on the submissions from the past week. All entries will also be shown on Facebok Fanpage and Pinterest.

The deadline will be January 5 11:59pm EST.

weloooooveit team and I will select the winner during the week of January 6, 2014.

The winner will be announced on January 13, 2014.

What the artist needs to send to the contest:
Please send your work to marcus@fusionofeffects.com with the following information.
Your illustration
Your name
Your Facebook Page (optional)
Your Website (optional)

You must also like Draw A Dot. and weloooooveit Facebook Fanpage

You can download this zip file to see more images of the Italian divas.

Good luck!