Rebellious Squad – Converse

Rebellious Squad is my personal photography project to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Draw A Dot.‘s sister site Fusion of Effects. This shoot consists of some of the high profile people in the Toronto Fashion Industry and I have a strong bond with each of them. For this project, Converse sponsors us 10 pairs of white sneakers and our job is to use our drawing skills to decorate them. These photos are the proof.


I am very impressed by the result of this project because each pair does reflect the personality of each person. I want to thank the group for being part of this special anniversary project and Converse for providing the canvases to us!

Please head over to Fusion of Effects to see the entire project!

Photographer: Marcus Kan
Assistant: Stephen-Thomas Maciejowski
Location:  Cvtting Board (20 Leslie St, Toronto, ON M4M 3L4, Canada)