Soyoon Park

Soyoon Park is New York-based fashion designer/illustrator who graduated Fashion Institute of Technology in Fashion Design and also studied illustration in School of Visual Arts. She worked worldwide at The North Face, Kit and Ace, and etc. as a fashion designer in New York City, Vancouver and Seoul. As an exceptionally creative thinker with profound knowledge in fashion design, she is positive in her ability to create a highly valuable contribution to the illustration field as well.

She loves to walk and run around in various places to draw inspiration not only from the fashion world but also from diverse aspects such as architecture, nature and whimsical things. 


Traditional Medium: 
Watercolor, Gouache, Marker, Silk screening

Digital Medium: 
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Specialize in: 
Fashion Illustration, 
Magazine Periodicals, 


Cheetah Outreach Awareness Concert & Fundraiser, 
Inspire Magazine, 
Mom & I US Magazine, 
Minista Australia, 
The GROUND Magazine

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