Curated.Works: Asian Couture Dreams – Guo Pei by Ben Liu

Here comes the final illustration for the Asian Couture Dreams series! This time, I have paired Ben Liu wth Guo Pei!

For this piece, Benda is riding a bike and he is his passenger is dressed in one of the Guo Pei gowns (you may remember the coat as Rihanna wore it at the MET gala). The composition is very nice and I love the dreamy vibe of it. The Chinese style clouds add a retro edge to the illustration. I personally like this piece a lot!

Ben-Liu-Benda-Guo-PeiCourtesy of Ben Liu

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Curated.Works: Asian Couture Dreams – Yumi Katsura by Svetlana Makarova

It’s time to show you the 3rd pair of the Asian Couture Dreams series!

I have paired Svetlana Makarova with Yumi Katsura because I think both artists create whimsical works. In here, Svetlana has created a very elegant and classy illustration, which features one of the grand pieces from Yumi‘s collection. While the girl is very elegant, the guy reminds me of a member of the Japanese rock band. Overall, this piece truly reflects the aesthetic of the brand.


Yumi Katsura by Svetlana Makarova

Courtesy of Svetlana Makarova

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Curated.Works: Asian Couture Dreams – Michael Cinco by Shamekh

Last week I showed you Decue Wu’s interpretation of Sebastian Gunawan’s gown and today it’s time for me to introduce the next pair – Shamekh & Michael Cinco.

The reason I paired Shamekh with this beautiful ball gown is because I know the artist has a nice dreamy illustration style. I love the composition a lot and it’s amazing to see the fairytale vs reality contrast. That white peacock is a nice touch to the entire piece!

Shamekh-Michael-CincoCourtesy of Shamekh

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Curated.Works: Asian Couture Dreams – Sebastian Gunawan by Decue Wu

For this month and December, I am doing a special collaboration with the Asian Couture Federation If you have not heard of the organization, here is some information for you:

“The Asian Couture Federation is a self-financed, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee governed by its mission, organisational charter, and bylaws. The ACF is the first organization in Asia to recognize, support and promote Asian Couturiers who have exhibited the highest levels of artistry in fashion design. Additionally, the ACF supports talented emerging designers region-wide.”

For this project, I have paired 4 illustrators with 4 designers and here is the 1st pair. I asked Decue Wu to illustrate one of the looks from Sebastian Gunawan collections. This art work is beautifully done and has a great surreal vibe. The peacock does make the illustration more complete and the “folding” effect makes me think of those Chinese room dividers. Overall, this is such a nice illustration!

Decue-Wu-Sebastian-GunawanCourtesy of Decue Wu

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