Curated.Works: Couture Melodies – Ellie Goulding

Here comes the latest piece from Couture Melodies and this time, Desiree created an illustration based on Ellie Goulding and Zuhair Murad S/S 2013 Haute Coutre Collection! I think this is a perfect match because both Ellie and the collection are so elegant and beautiful.

Courtesy of Desiree A.J.H. Harig

John Anthony has chosen Anything Could Happen and I think it’s a perfect song/video choice. The video has the same aesthetic as the illustration and you can easily put this Zuhair Murad look in it. Now let’s see what Desiree and John have to say about the musician and the brand.

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Curated.Works: Couture Melodies – Lykke Li

After a little break, here comes the next piece from Couture Melodies. The subject this time is Lykke Li! Let’s see what Desiree and John Anthony have to say about this artist.

Desiree-Harig-Lykke-Li-Stephane-Rolland-Spring-2013Courtesy of Desiree A.J.H. Harig

For this illustration, Desiree has paired Lykke Li up with Stephane Rolland S/S 2013 Haute Couture piece and I find this combination to be refreshing. The colour of the fashion piece has been changed from black to slightly red and I think this change helps to bring out the singer’s personality. “Sadness is a Blessing” is the song choice by John this time and I think it reflects the mood of the illustration very well. Below are their comments on this illustration, the brand and the video. 

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Curated.Works: Couture Melodies – Florence Welch

Few weeks ago, I showed you the first piece from the Couture Melodies series and it was Lily Allen in Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2013 Haute Couture collection. Today, it’s time to continue this series with yet another amazing illustration by Desiree A.J.H. Harig and music chosen by John Anthony from The Neon Mix.

Desiree-Harig-Florence-Welch-Atelier-Versace-Spring-2013-Courtesy of Desiree A.J.H. Harig

Desiree has decided to pair Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine with Atelier Versace S/S 2013 collection. The edginess of this fashion piece matches the vibe of Florence and the 24-karat gold accents add a touch of rawness to the combination. John has chosen Spectrum for this particular piece and I think they work very well together. Now, it’s time to read what Desiree and John have to say about Florence, Atelier Versace and Florence and the Machine.

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Curated.Works: Couture Melodies – Lily Allen

Draw A Dot. WITH is the brand new section where you will see some original projects I collaborate with different artists that will first debut on this site. Today, I present you the first series.

Couture Melodies is all about haute couture and music. I have teamed up with Desiree A.J.H. Harig and John Anthony from The Neon Mix to let you experience fashion illustrations in a different way. While you are looking at the illustration created by Desiree, we also want you to listen to the song John selected for this particular art piece. Think about food and wine pairing and you will get the picture.

Desiree-Harig-Lily-Allen-Jean-Paul-Gaultier-Spring-Haute-Couture-2013Courtesy of Desiree A.J.H. Harig

For the first round, Desiree has dressed Lily Allen (aka Lily Cooper) up in Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2013 Haute Couture collection and LDN is the song picked by John for the image. I personally really like this pairing as I think the song really suits the vibe of the illustration. I have asked both of them some questions and their answers will give you more information on the illustration and music.

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