Curated.Works: David Bowie Is @ AGO by Benjamin Edward

Last week, I showed you the first piece of the David Bowie Is @ AGO illustration piece by Lisa Nishimura and I hope you enjoyed it. Now it’s time to show you the 2nd part of this project by Benjamin Edward.

Benjamin-Edward-David-Bowie-Is-AGO-Art-Gallery-Ontario-IllustrationCourtesy of Benjamin Edward

This piece is based on the 1997 Earthling album cover and in that photo, he was wearing the Alexander McQueen custom made Union flag coat. Just like Lisa‘s piece, Benjamin uses the AGO staircase as part of the inspiration and I really like the surreal vibe of this illustration. I like the composition a lot and I hope David Bowie will get a chance to see this art piece. Here is what Benjamin has to say about the inspiration behind this piece:

“When I think about the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition, I envision it as a glimpse into the mind of Bowie. He challenged our perception of both himself and the reality he created.

I wanted to showcase the Union Jack coat (designed by Alexander McQueen) in a surreal environment highlighting iconic elements of Bowie‘s career and the Art Gallery of Ontario. This environment alters reality by playing with the design of Frank Gehry‘s unique staircase and melding it with the iconic lightning bolt from the “Aladdin Sane” album artwork.”

This concludes the David Bowie Is @ AGO illustration project and we hope you like it. I have been to the exhibition this past week and all I can say is, if you live in Toronto, you must go to AGO before November 27 and visit the exhibition! The concert room is amazing!

Curated.Works: David Bowie Is @ AGO by Lisa Nishimura

This week, Toronto is welcoming the “David Bowie Is” exhibition to AGO. To celebrate this event, I have decided to team up with 2 illustrators to work on a mini illustration project. Here is the first one.

Lisa-Nishimura-David-Bowie-IsCourtesy of Lisa Nishimura 

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