Curated.Works: Enchanted Forest – Little Red Riding Hood

It’s the first day of Spring, and I am happy to introduce you to a brand new Draw A Dot. WITH series!

For this S/S 2015 Haute Couture season, I invited Gretchen Ellen Powers to collaborate with me on a small illustration project. We have picked 4 Haute Couture pieces from 4 different designers, and Gretchen‘s task is to use her imagination to dress up 4 fairytale characters. You may recall she dressed some animals in the S/S 20134 RTW collections last year, and because I love her animals so much, they will once again show up in these 4 pieces.

First up, we have Little Red Riding Hood. She is dressed in Dior S/S 2015 Haute Couture dress with her signature red hood. Based on this illustration, I am curious to know if the wolf is actually trying to tell her about the status of her grandmother. Maybe the wolf is actually a good character after all?

Gretchen-Ellen-Powers-Dior-Haute-Couture-Spring-2015Courtesy of Gretchen Ellen Powers

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