Curated.Works: Givenchy Elements – Fall 2014

The Givenchy Elements project is finally coming to an end, and Will Blower once again amazed me with this fantastic F/W 2014 illustration!

As you know, this collection is inspired by the basketball game, so there are a lot of sporty and interesting sport print pieces. This illustration reflects the theme of this collection nicely (the basketball court print, no. 17 and the sporty dress shirt collar) and I like the composition a lot. The red and black lines help me to refocus on the model and his expression is telling the viewers that he is ready for a serious ball game!

Will-Blower-Givenchy-Fall-2014Courtesy of Will Blower

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Curated.Works: Givenchy Elements – Fall 2013

Givenchy F/W 2013 is a very dark collection as all the garments are in black and white. It also reflects the US culture by incorporating the US flag and baseball elements on the designs. This month, Will Blower has created an illustration based on this collection for the Givenchy Elements project.

Will-Blower-Givenchy-Fall-2013Courtesy of William Blower

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Curated.Works: Givenchy Elements – Spring 2014

I have a great time working with Will Blower on this Givenchy Elements project and I am constantly amazed by his submissions. This month, he has decided to choose the S/S 2014 menswear collection as the inspiration.

Will-Blower-Givenchy-Spring-2014Courtesy of WIlliam Blower

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Curated.Works: Givenchy Elements – Spring 2013

If you are a fan of William Blower‘s works, I am sure you have already seen the first part of the Givenchy Elements series! Today, it’s time to unveil the second piece.

This illustration is inspired by Givenchy S/S 2013 collection. I am in love with the composition as William has transformed one of the prints from this collection into his own creation. Because of the strong bone structure, the model here expresses a very bold vibe, which matches the aesthetic of this collection. Now, let’s read what William has to say about this illustration and the collection.

Will-Blower-Givenchy-Spring-2013Courtesy of WIlliam Blower

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Curated.Works: Givenchy Elements – Fall 2012

Do you remember I showcased William Blower’s S/S 2012 Givenchy illustration some time ago on this site? In that post, I said that I would love to collaborate with him on a Draw A Dot. WITH series and today, it’s time to unveil this project!

For this series, we are going back to the Givenchy archives and look at some iconic elements created by Riccardo Tisci. William has picked the F/W 2012 collection as the first piece, and as you may recall, the F/W 2012 season is all about beads, stars and nose rings. Aside from this illustration, I have also asked William 2 questions related to this stunning collection.

Will-Blower-Givenchy-Fall-2012Courtesy of William Blower

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