Illustration.Files: 12 Most Memorable Fashion Illustrations in 2015

Happy New Year! To start off 2016, I would want to show you 12 fashion illustrations that are very memorable to me in 2015. I hope some of them are also your top favourites!


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Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch: New York F/W 2015 – Part 1 by Francesco Lo Iacono

February is the fashion week season, and for this special month, I have invited 4 different illustrators to participate in this special project. Each one will be responsible for 1 fashion week, and I have 2 posts on their runway illustrations. First up, I have Francesco Lo Iacono!

Francesco-Lo-Iacono-Alexander-Wang-Fall-2015Alexander Wang 

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Curated Works: From Runway To Sketch: New York F/W 2014 – Jason Wu

For this New York F/W 2014 Fashion Week, I have invited Ewelina Dymek to work on a special project together. In these few days, she will show some of our favourite collections in illustration form. Today, we have Jason Wu.

This F/W 2014 collection shows the soft and elegant side of the Jason Wu‘s lady. Even though there are some masculine pieces, because of the soft structure and the use of materials, you still find these pieces to be very feminine. As always, my favourite pieces are always the evening gowns.

I like the illustrations created by Ewelina because they really show the soft vibe of this collection. I also find the alphabet backgrounds to be very refreshing as they add a nice modern touch to the illustrations.


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Curated.Works: The Face Palette – Jason Wu F/W 2013

The third part of The Face Palette is finally here, and this time, Carolyn Weber has decided to illustrate the makeup look from Jason Wu F/W 2013 collection.

This is actually one of the most memorable makeup looks in the F/W 2013 season. I like the cat eye a lot and the indigo colour is very refreshing. The daises add a nice touch to the drawing, as they somehow give me a very calm and peaceful vibe. There is also a bottle of nail polish at the right bottom corner, and I think it is a great complement to the eye shadow.

Carolyn-Weber-Jason-Wu-Fall-2013Courtesy of Carolyn Weber

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