Illustration.Files: 12 Most Memorable Fashion Illustrations in 2015

Happy New Year! To start off 2016, I would want to show you 12 fashion illustrations that are very memorable to me in 2015. I hope some of them are also your top favourites!


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Illustration.Files: Illustrashion Issue Zero – MYTH

I am so happy to announce that my wonderful friend, Achraf Amiri!, is going to release his Illustrashion Magazine on September 20, 2014!

Achraf has spent 2 years making this magazine to happen, and in this issue, there are quite a lot of interesting collaborations, such as Cristian Grossi and jiiakuann! If you have been folllowing Achraf‘s works before, you know that his illustration style is humorous and a bit dark at the same time. And if you like this kind of style, then I promise you this magazine will be your cup of tea.

Achraf-Amiri-Illustrashion-MythJonathan Guijarro as Atlas

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