Illustration.Files: Matthew Gallagher F/W 2016 Fashion Illustrations

As many of you may know, I am a huge fan of Matthew Gallagher, a Toronto based fashion designer. I recently wrote a post on Huffington Post about his Fall 2016 collection and it contains some illustration works from him.

Matthew-Gallagpher-Own-Sketch-2Matthew Gallagher

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Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch F/W 2016 Toronto – Jocelyn Teng

As you may recall, there were actually 3 illustrators working on the “From Runway To Sketch F/W 2016 Toronto” with me and so far you have only seen works from 2 illustrators. Today, it is time for me to unveil this final part.

Jocelyn-Teng-Malorie-Urbanovitch-Fall-2016Malorie Urbanovitch

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Curated.Works: The Surface of Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2014 (Part 5)

The project has finally come to an end and today, it’s time to show you the last batch of the runway sketches from the illustrators. This day was also the only day all 4 illustrators were at the tent. What a nice way to end this project!

Hilary MacMillan


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Curated.Works: The Surface of Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2014 (Part 2)

Yesterday I showed you the first part of this illustration project and today, it’s time for the 2nd part! Today you will also get to see the first set from Ben Liu! Once again, all illustrations are done on Microsoft Surface tablet by using the Fresh Paint program .

Travis Taddeo



Courtesy of Benjamin Edward

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Curated.Works: The Surface of Toronto Fashion Week S/S 2014 (Part 1)

If you have followed me on instagram, you might see a few interesting images about the Microsoft Surface tablet and I did give a hint that it would be part of an upcoming project for Draw A Dot.. Well today, I can finally reveal this amazing illustration!

This week is Toronto S/S 2014 Fashion Week and I have invited 4 Canadian fashion illustrators (Benjamin Edward, Ben Liu, Jocelyn Teng, and Lisa Nishimura) to take part on a fashion illustration project. Each day, this team will be using the Microsoft Surface tablet to sketch some of the runway shows with the program called Fresh Paint.

Today, I want to show you some of the best works from day 1.



Jocelyn-Teng-Beaufille-Spring-2014-2 Courtesy of Jocelyn Teng




Courtesy of Lisa Nishimura

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Illustration.Files: Toronto Fashion Week F/W 2013 Sketches by Jocelyn Teng

Last week was Toronto Fashion Week and once again, I had the opportunity to watch some amazing runway shows. Yesterday while I was reading some reviews of the collections, I came across these sketches.

Jocelyn-Teng-Ashtiani-Fall-2013 ‏

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