Curated.Works: Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy – Spring 2014

Everything has to come to an end and today, it is my pleasure to show you the last illustration of the Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy series!

For the last piece, Shamekh picked the opening look from the S/S 2014 collection. To the showgirl in all of us, this is the theme of the collection and I think this illustration serves as a proper farewell to the entire project. All the elements from the past few pieces are all seen as the background, but this time, everything is faded back to black. The “spot light” adds a dramatic effect to the illustration and the model’s gesture really brings out the following message – show is over and thank you for entering the Marc JacobsLV Fantasyland!

Shamekh-Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2014Courtesy of Shamekh

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Curated.Works: Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy – Fall 2011 & Fall 2012

After a small hiatus, my collaboration with Shamekh is back on and here is the latest piece from the Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy!

This illustration is based on 2 of my favourite Louis Vuitton collections: Fall 2011 and Fall 2012. As you can see, Shamekh has used the elevator and train from the runway shows as the back drop of this piece. I love the garments he picked as these are 2 of the signature pieces from the collections. Overall, the entire image is very dark, mysterious, and elegant at the same time.

Shamekh-Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2012-Fall-2011Courtesy of Shamekh

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Curated.Works: Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy – Spring 2013 & Fall 2013

Back in December, I released the first piece of the Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy series on the site and the response was very positive. After a little break, now it’s time to show you the next Louis Vuitton piece created by Shamekh.

For this piece, Shamekh has combined the Spring and Fall 2013 runway shows together to give you a surreal condominium feeling. There are so many things I like in this particular illustration: the Damier Canvas doors and floor, the wallpaper, and the clothes on the models. The entire piece has a very cool retro vibe and I personally am curious what is the conversation between the 2 girls.

Shamekh-Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2013-Fall-2013Courtesy of Shamekh

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