Curated.Works: Valentino F/W 2016 Countdown Fashion Illustrations Part 1

It was an intense 2 weeks in the Draw A Dot. community as many illustrators have submitted their works to the latest Valentino F/W 2016 Countdown Illustration Open Call! While we still have to wait to see who is the winner of this open call (it will announce soon on Valentino Instagram account), here are some of my favourites!

Ramona-Chantaf-ValentinoRamona Chantaf

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Curated.Works: Transcendence of a Rose – Part 4

The final episode of the Transcendence of a Rose series is here!

As you may recall, the main fairy was lost in the forest and after a long walk, she met a mysterious prince. This prince gives her hope and in this final illustration, she has transformed into a loving fairy.

The clothes these 3 fairies wear are from the Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2015 collection. They look very elegant and it looks like the music they are listening is healing their souls. I am loving everything about this piece! Simply stunning!

Courtesy of Maruka

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Curated.Works: Transcendence of a Rose – Part 3

Part 3 of the Transcendence of a Rose series is here and it looks like the fairy may have found someone special.

In this piece, the mystery male character finally reveals his face and it looks like he is a prince from an unknown world (he is dressed in an outfit from the Givenchy F/W 2015 collection). The fairy is clearly attracted to him as you can see her Alexander McQueen F/W 2015 gown is starting to transform. Will this turn into a happy ending? We will have to find out next month.

Marian-Jimenez-Alexander-McQueen-Givenchy-Fall-2015Courtesy of Maruka

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Curated.Works: Transcendence of a Rose – Part 2

Back in June, I started a new series with Maruka and it is about a dark fairytale. In part 1, we met the fairy exploring the dark forest. Now, it seems like she has met someone…

Once again, the fairy is wearing a piece from the Alexander McQueen F/W 2015 collection. However, this time, the roses on the dress have slowly transformed into another color. Is this the indication of her meeting the love of her life? You will have to stay tuned!

Maruka-Alexander-McQueen-Fall-2015-2Courtesy of Maruka

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Curated.Works: Transcendence of a Rose – Part 1

Back in February when Draw A Dot. hosted the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty illustration open call, I received a great submission from Maruka. Even though she didn’t make it to the top 9, I was very impressed by her illustration style so in this F/W season, I have decided to work on a Draw A Dot. WITH series with her.

For this mini series, we will be following the journey of a fairy and as a viewer, you will see 3 different brands involved. For the first part, we have all 3 fairies dressed in Alexander McQueen F/W 2015 collection.

Maruka‘s illustration style is unique because it has a retro anime vibe with a dark twist. In this illustration, the mood is very gloomy which truly reflects the aesthetic of the collection. I love the details on the rose dresses and the main fairy emits an elegant vibe.

Marian-Jimenez-Maruka-Alexander-McQueen-Fall-2015Courtesy of Maruka

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