Illustration.Files: Moschino S/S 2018 Fashion Illustration by Floris Felix

One of the most exciting collections during the S/S 2018 Milan Fashion Week is definitely the Moschino collection. It is such a fun collection and has inspired many illustrators to create fun illustrations. Here is one of them by Floris Felix!

Courtesy of Floris Felix

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Illustration.Files: Moschino F/W 2016 Fashion Illustration by Shamekh

By now I assume a lot of you have already seen the movie Suicide Squad! Whether you like the movie or not, one thing for certain is Harley Quinn is one of the most interesting characters in the squad. Today I wanted to show you Shamekh’s version of this character.

Shamekh-Moschino-Fall-2016Courtesy of Shamekh

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Curated.Works: Now Playing – Part 4

The Now Playing series is coming to an end and today, I am presenting you the final illustration created by Saradevi Ng for this mini project.

In here, the girls are at the premiere after party enjoying some good music, drinks and snacks. I like the composition of this piece because it really shows the girls are having a good time and the outfits really suit the occasion. After looking at this illustration, I am so curious to know which movie they actually watched because I want to watch it too!

Saradevi-Ng-Marc-Jacobs-Moschino-Spring-2016-4Courtesy of Saradevi Ng

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Curated.Works: Now Playing – Part 3

Here comes part 3 of my collaboration with Saradevi Ng!

Looks like the girls are ready for the main event of the night – the movie! The Marc Jacobs and the Moschino outfits look amazing on them! I also love they are carrying the movie snacks as this gesture suggests the “fashion people don’t eat” theory to be wrong. I hope they enjoy the movie and can’t wait to read their reviews!

Saradevi-Ng-Marc-Jacobs-Moschino-Spring-2016-2Courtesy of Saradevi Ng

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