Curated.Works: Paper Queens – Queen of Clubs

The Paper Queens series continues with this piece of great illustration! Today, Nuno and I are introducing you to our Queen of Clubs!

In our version, the Queen of Clubs is wearing an outfit from the Junya Watanabe F/W 2015 collection. The outfit creates an abstract shape of the symbol and this girl looks very dark and powerful. If the Queen of Hearts did not exist in the Alice in Wonderland world, I believe she would be a good fit for the role to be villain.

Courtesy of Nuno Da Costa

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Curated.Works: Paper Queens – Queen of Hearts

Last month, I showed you the first piece of my collaboration with Nuno Da Costa and it is the Queen of Spades. Today, it’s time to show you the 2nd piece of this Paper Queens series.

For this illustration, The Queen of Hearts is dressed in one of the gowns from the Alexander McQueen F/W 2015 collection. She looks regal and her eyes are so attractive to look at. Personally, I hope she is casting a love spell on me so I can find my true love!

Courtesy of Nuno Da Costa

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Curated.Works: Paper Queens – Queen of Spades

Nuno Da Costa is one of my new favourite illustrators in recent months because of his soft and romantic illustration style. This season, I have invited him to collaborate with me on the following Draw A Dot. WITH series.

I am always attracted to playing cards and love how different artists interpret the Jacks, Queens and Kings differently. For this mini project, I want Nuno to create 4 Queens based on his point of view and they are all dressed in the F/W 2015 collections. The first one is the Queen of Spades.

In here, the Queen of Spades is dressed in an outfit from the Comme des Garçons F/W 2015 collection. The model looks very vulnerable, but the outfit looks like an armour to me. I really love the contrast as it shows the mighty power and the romantic character of the Queen of the top trump – Spades.

Nuno-Da-Costa-Comme-des-Garcons-Fall-2015Courtesy of Nuno Da Costa

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