#IllustratorPOV: Samuel Harrison

Samuel Harrison is a British young artist and illustrator based in London. His fashion illustrations are filled with mystery and tension, exploring the body and gestures of a deadly, alluring woman and covering her with runway creations that with her enigmatic energy fills his images with attitude and sophistication. His characters, usually drawn with pencil, exude a dark and sensual energy achieved with his unique trace and the way he plays with shadows and light, which creates a metallic, ghostly effect on their skin. Their eyes, a signature element of Samuel’s drawings, seem to shed light, paralyzed in a sort of ecstatic state. This is confronted to splashes of color, made with watercolor and wet media to accentuate the clothes, creating an interesting juxtaposition of the darkness and light, monochrome and color.

Jean Paul Gualtier F_W16 CoutureArmani Prive Spring Summer 2016 Illustration by Samuel Harrison

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