Curate.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 9 (Final)

I am sure for the past 2 months, you have been following the Soul Voyage series, and today, it is time to draw an end with this stunning illustration.

Roberto Sanchez Louis Vuitton Fall 2013Lamont and Valerie in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

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Curated.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 7

Last week we saw Valerie was inside the enchanted forest and she could not find the door back to her world anymore. Today we are going to continue the story and see what Valerie will encounter next.

Valerie in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

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Curated.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 5

In April, I showed you my collaboration series with Roberto Sánchez and it was inspired by the Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 menswear collection. Today, it’s time to unleash the 2nd part of this series and we are going to meet a girl named Valerie. I promise you will want to follow this story in these 2 weeks.

roberto-sanchez-soul-voyage-louis-vuitton-women-fall-2013-1Valerie in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

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Curated.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 4

Is Lamont still alive? This “final” part is going to give you the answer.

Roberto-Sanchez-Soul-Voyage-Louis-Vuitton-Men-Fall-2013-4Lamont in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Menswear Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

“When Lamont opens his eyes again, he realizes he is in a strange forest.

From tree branches to small flowers, everything is glowing and the scene is beautiful. Interesting enough, this is actually a place Lamont has dreamed of when he was small and he cannot express his excitement. The monsters and the strange clouds are here as well and are following him wherever he goes.

They have finally arrived to a small pond and when Lamont looks at the reflection of the water, he cannot help but screams loudly.

He does not have any bruises on his face or any part of his body. However, part of his face has now become the face of the monster and he knows the body is starting to transform. Lamont now believes he might be the leader of these monsters and there may not be a way to go back to the original dimension…

Is this a dream? Or is this the new dimension? Someone named Valerie maybe able to give us some clues.”

Both Roberto Sánchez and I have a vision to include the womenswear in this story so we have created a cliffhanger here. The story will continue in May so stay tuned.

Curated.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 3

After a night of rest, what is Lamont going to do next? We are about to find out now.

Roberto-Sanchez-Soul-Voyage-Louis-Vuitton-Men-Fall-2013-3Lamont in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Menswear Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

“After a good night sleep, the snow has finally stopped and the monsters are gone as well. it’s time for Lamont to start climbing to the top of the mountain and see what’s there. Everything is very smooth and he truly believes Lady Luck is with him. Just when he is about one quarter of the journey, strange things start to happen. Lamont is surrounded by some very clouds with eyes and they have been trying to block his vision. He tries his best to continue climbing up the mountain and suddenly, the robe breaks in two parts. Lamont is falling down like a meteorite and the clouds are trying to rescue him. Is Lamont going to die?”

Come back Thursday for the “final” part of Lamont‘s adventure!